Committing to yourself begins now.

That has been proven to help women build lasting habits for their health and fitness

Transform your life by committing, intensely, to the first 30-days. Can you imagine what you could do with the next 365 days, if you started by committing with the first 30? Set yourself up for long-term success with The 30-day commit challenge.

  • Allow you to hold yourself accountable to doing something for yourself everyday, while also learning how to stick to your fitness and nutrition.
  • Show you simple, yet effective ways to make progress toward your goals
  • Hold you accountable by means of a private FB group as well as periodic check ins along the way
  • Give you the support and resources you’ve been looking for!

All led by a fitness professional and a registered dietitian.

A $714 value, for the low price of

  • 4X weekly workouts with videos to match them
  • 4X weekly meal plans with grocery lists
  • Weekly check in and reflections
  • All content is housed in the membership portal – work through it at your own pace!
  • Gain immediate access once registered!

What other women are saying about the challenge

Build Habits

to fall back on when the motivation lacks.

the goal of the 30 days is to build habits, gain education, get stronger, and become more confident in yourself and your ability to choose the healthy way.

This is not a quick fix, we won’t be taking measurements or weight. Instead, we will check in frequently, holding you accountable until you build the brain muscle to hold yourself accountable.

By doing so in a group setting via the FB group, we allow you space to bounce ideas off of each other, ask for more accountability, celebrate your wins, and more!

A lot can happen in 30 days, don’t you think?

You’ve read this far, which means you’re curious enough to consider

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