4 Things I’ve Learned from Ms. Rachel

I’d go out on a limb to say that whether you’ve had kids or not, you’ve at least heard about Ms. Rachel, a YouTube no one who quickly became a YouTube sensation.

The work she does, the videos she provides, and HOW she does it… it all is quite magical. Even Speech Therapists and Pediatric OT’s agree, Ms. Rachel knows her stuff. She captivates youth and catches their attention with her bright personality and bright colors too. I have heard countless parents say that they credit their toddler’s vocabulary to Ms. Rachel (bless her)

I’ve learned a lot from the YouTube superstar on how to speak to my toddler, how to be patient with him, and little nuggets of information to use to help him and I communicate better. When I coach Family Fitness Classes, I find myself using my best Ms. Rachel voice, without even realizing it. But guess what: the kids pay attention.

I’ve learned a lot from her in terms of my parenting style, yes. But I’ve learned more

Here are 4 Things I’ve Learned from Ms. Rachel that have nothing to do with parenting

1. Start Where You Are, With What you Have

lessons for entrepreneurs

have you ever actually looked closely at Ms. Rachel’s early videos? Like the ones that I’m pretty sure were shot during the pandemic. The video quality, special effects, everything is nowhere near the quality it is now.

She was no where near a professional on camera, and most definitely did not have a professional media team. But she started. She started because she saw a huge gap in care and opportunities for our youngest youth, so she solved that problem.

Because she started with what she had (not much) she got to where she is now.

2. The quality of the message is more important than the aesthetics of it

ms. rachel

Some of her old content is laughable. Almost like watching kids play pretend or put on a puppet show. But that’s the beauty of it. I feel like I’m being transported into a kindergarten classroom and learning from the perspective of my kid, and THAT is why it works.

Her old stuff isn’t full of special effects or fancy graphics. She filmed in front of a green screen or in her own home. And she made. it. work.

Just because someone else’s content might be prettier, doesn’t mean the message is better. Remember: YOU are an expert. YOU are valuable. YOUR message deserves to be shared!

3. Follow Your Heart, it will rarely lead you wrong

YouTube channel, YouTube, Ms. Rachel

Our hearts speak to us every single day. We rarely listen to it. We rarely follow our heart. Why? Because society teaches us to be complacent, because it’s safe.

Your heart. Your gut. Your brain. They’ll all lead you to magical moments. It might be a rollercoaster to get there. But you’ll get there.

Follow them

4. Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway


When Ms. Rachel started her channel, she did so out of a PERSONAL need. To help her own family and to be an in-house resource for toddler speech and education.

I’m sure she did not expect to blow up and become famous like she did. I can guarantee there were fear-filled moments along the way, and there have definitely been moments of public backlash, but she has continued on. Her message is now too important to stop. If fear is creeping in, she’s not showing it, she’s continuing on.

How many of us can say the same?

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