Celebrating 1 year of helping Moms as a Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist

one year anniversary as a pre/postnatal fitness specialist

It was the late summer of 2022, people were wrapping up their summer’s and getting ready to go back to school. August is a busy time of year for moms and parents. And here I was, launching a brand new program. I am a firm believer in starting before you’re ready and so I went with it! Session 1 of the Postpartum Method opened for enrollment mid August and day 1 launched on August 23. Despite the busy season of life, 28 women said yes to join me, proving that this program CAN be for busy moms – just as it was intended to be.

The idea:

The idea of The Postpartum Method came to me as I was in the depths of my own personal postpartum experience. Having been a fitness professional for 9+ years at the time, returning to exercise seemed weird to me. Mostly because everyone had their own opinion of it, and the “6-week clearance from the doctor” just seemed so…. arbitrary. Like who said 6 weeks is the magic marker and REALLY?! You’re gonna see me for 5 minutes and send me on my way. DOC I’m in the beginning stages of Postpartum Anxiety and I had no idea of it at the time. The support during the postpartum period was…. little to none. Add returning to exercise on top of that and woof, I felt… alone, underprepared, confused.

As someone who has specialized in fitness for years, this whole time-period was confusing, and I knew that if I was confused, I KNEW the general mom with little fitness knowledge felt confused and under-prepared too. I began researching and educating myself pretty much immediately on all things postpartum fitness, and soon after that I got my pre/postnatal fitness specialist certification.

The need:

Support for women’s health in general is lacking, but the resources immediately after birth are slim to none. Like, it’s astonishing. For women to go through pregnancy having immediate and direct support from their doctor or their staff, being seen monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly, and then to have the baby and be thrust into the most confusing period of their life without support. This just seems wrong. Okay, it IS wrong. Women need support in the Postpartum period more than EVER, and the support just does. not. exist.

Doctor’s don’t recommend next steps, any next steps that mother’s are made aware of are usually out of reach, out of pocket, or out of budget, and even then, deciding what to do and when. Phew, not a decision women are likely to make when they are sleep deprived and leaking from their own breasts. I quickly realized that women NEED support, and they need it in an affordable, flexible, and easy-to-manage way.

**a caveat: I don’t expect doctors to be EVERYTHING for mother’s. They have their purpose and that is to help deliver babies and keep the baby and the mother safe during that time. To ask the doctor to do everything is unrealistic, but that’s kind of the point. Where do we turn to for help after delivery? It’s just such a guessing game

The Solution:

The Postpartum Method was created while I was a stay-at-home mom and filmed and written in between naps. It was created by a busy mom, FOR busy moms. Within the first year it helped over 200 women say YES to themselves and find a stronger core and pelvic floor as a result while learning how to weave exercise back into their lives.

postpartum method

The Postpartum Method

Is an 8-week core and pelvic floor online fitness program. It includes 3 short core and pelvic floor workouts per week and 1 short bodyweight strength workout per week. In addition, there are 1-2 tips per week provided as well as weekly check ins, calendars and trackers, and a community of likeminded women. All videos in the program are short and made in a way for women to quickly, and passively watch them while feeding their baby, brushing their teeth, or reheating their coffee. After that, they can figure out how they want to carve out time in their day for the workout of the day. Direct feedback of the program includes being thankful for such a flexible program that is ALSO accountable enough for women to implement in to their lives. Women have had pelvic floor therapy appointments where their physical therapist has been blown away by their success in such a short period of time. The program is short and sweet, but it works. All at a price point that women don’t have to break the bank for. Never have, never will.

postnatal fitness specialist near me

Here we are, one year later

and 10 sessions have enrolled, while enrolling the 11th one right now. I’m back to work full time (another topic for another day) and this program is still helping women. Since this time last year I have expanded to offering cheap + affordable, yet in-depth and knowledgeable downloadable guides as well as starting to expand into my prenatal fitness offerings and customized training!

As I Celebrate 1 year, my message to you is…

pre/postnatal fitness specialist

start before you’re ready, you’ll be amazed with what you can accomplish in just one year.

What are your biggest dreams and goals? It’s time to put pen to paper sis, start today.

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