Fitness Solutions for Pregnant and Postpartum Women

Are you currently pregnant or postpartum? Or do you know someone who is? Both of these periods in our lives are wildly transformative and also come with a lot of questions. This, this is exactly why I took the leap and expanded on my 10 years of skills and knowledge in the fitness industry and became a prenatal/ postnatal fitness specialist. To help others through the periods of time that i know first hand can be tough!

fitness solutions for prenatal and postnatal women

Hey, I’m Carly! Women’s Fitness Coach and advocate for Prenatal and Postnatal wellness, fitness, and health

That little boy there on my husbands shoulders? That’s Dylan, my almost 2-year old wild child with a heart full of love and brains beyond belief.

Being a mom is something that I never knew I would love SO much, and the journey to get here was filled equally with parts I also didn’t know I would love, and parts full of questions, fear, and just not feeling like myself

Even as a Fitness Professional of over 10 years, I had questions when it came to both my prenatal and postnatal fitness

And so I thought, if I am having these questions, surely there are so many other women out there, with less fitness knowledge than me, with the same questions (or more).

The world is ever changing, and so so fast paced. The way we live shifts, the recommendations shift, studies debunk old myths and tell us something new to fear.

Not to mention the ever rising cost of living and the astronomical cost of health care in this country (not a slam, but a fact).

Because of all of this, I KNOW that so many women don’t give their bodies the care they deserve during pregnancy and after. And the few resources that might be available to them are likely out of their budget.

So I took it upon myself to create easy-to-access and easy-to-afford resources for Prenatal and Postnatal Women.

it all started with my 8-week core and pelvic floor fitness program,

the Postpartum Method

A flexible 8-week program with 4 workouts per week that require only 60 minutes (max) of your time per WEEK! Or think of that as 10-20 minutes per day for a few days

Featured in an online portal that you can access from your phone or computer, the workouts are there in video and text format for you to follow

With 1 on 1 support, weekly check ins, and calendars to follow, over 200 women have found not only success, but also community and confidence in completing this program.

That program saw 11 sessions of women within the first year. That’s over 200 women who said YES to themselves and a tremendous amount of confidence gained. Although this program still enrolls in group enrollment, for the women who want to do it along side a community of other moms, it is now available for individual enrollment.

Meaning you can now enroll ANY TIME!

I started off with postnatal fitness offerings because that is where I was personally in life, and that made me relatable.

As the reputation of that first program offering started to grow and expand, I knew it was time to offer up more solutions, so next I dove into downloadable guides – either at a low cost, or free – to educated people on specific topics that they might need just a little bit more information about

My “101 Guide Series”

Featuring downloadable guides such as…

These guides are available at a low cost or are free, and are meant to help strengthen your own toolbelt so you can be confident in applying these principles and exercises to your life, on your own!

Isn’t doing things on your own so empowering?! These guides help get you there!

ps: click on each of the guides above for more info 🙂

Once I had my postnatal and my general fitness guides up and running, I knew it was time to unleash the beast that I had been planning for so long. I knew that I wanted to add a Prenatal Fitness program to my offerings for awhile, but I knew that there was going to be a lot that goes into it. Thankfully, fate and external factors motivated me to finally put it together. When I signed an agreement to be the Postnatal AND Prenatal Specialist for iStroll Fitness, well, I had to have an offering in both prenatal and postnatal to offer! So off to the drawing board I went.

so I present to you…

Prenatal Fitness 101 4-week PROGRAM

A true labor of love and I am so happy to offer it!

This program is for women who want a little bit of guidance in how to approach fitness in their pregnancy AND it comes with 4 weeks of prenatal workouts laid out for you.

Don’t go through it alone, with weekly check ins to make sure these workouts feel good for you and are meeting your goals, this 4-week program quickly turns into confidence in your body’s ability to exercise during pregnancy!

And lastly, I understand that sometimes people need just a little extra guidance, or specified guidance should i say. This is why I started offering free fitness consultations and also 4-weeks of customized workouts (virtual personal training!)

If you’re looking for a little extra guidance – prenatal, postnatal, or for general fitness, check out these resources!

All in all, I aim to help women – in any phase in their life – feel confident in how their body moves and confident in their ability to listen to their own body.

Empowerment. Flexibility. Guidance. and Realistic Timelines, Prices, and Expectations

You get all of that and more with me, your prenatal and postnatal fitness friend, mother, and fitness professional

Let’s connect!

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