Holiday Gifts For MOM

let’s be honest, she deserves the world, so what do we get her?!

holiday gifts for mom

I polled a Facebook group of more than 9,000 moms and asked them what they REALLY want for Christmas. The answers ranged from predictable (spa day, day alone) to unpredictable (a generator for the house). I’ve collected the top and most common responses and put them here, in a one stop shop, by category! Here are some gift ideas for mom!

  • SPA DAY: This was hands down the most common answer: “I want a head to toe spa day, or just a nap”

BUT when it comes to a spa day, it has to be done right. If you’re going to give your mom, your wife, your sister, etc the gift of a spa day, you also need to make sure that everything will be taken care of while she is gone. The kids will be cared for, food will be prepared for lunch or dinner, groceries will be picked up. The whole nine yards. Give her an opportunity to truly relax – physically and mentally. I suggest Googling your local spas to find the top rated one, or maybe she already has one she prefers!

holiday gifts for mom
  • If that is out of budget, give her the gift of a spa day at home! Same rules apply: allow her to mentally and physically check out for a bit. Amazon has a bunch of pre-made at home spa kits, like this one
  • Never underestimate the power of wine for mamas. Grab a bottle of two of her favorite kind and try this wine chiller as icing on the cake
  • Weighted blankets: if she seems like she can’t ever turn her brain off, if she gets uninterrupted sleep, or if even if she suffers from a bit of anxiety… take it from me personally: weighted blankets can be game. changing.
  • A nice cozy bath robe to give her a little zen in her own home. Or to throw on quickly when she is tending to the baby in the middle of the night (dad’s reading this, be sure to take a turn!)
  • A house deep clean, professionally.

This was another really popular response. Why? Because a professional deep clean is expensive so it gets pushed to the bottom of the list, but oh goodness when the house is CLEAN. Like spotless. Mom can take a breather. (dad’s reading this, you’ll probably like it too!)

  • A robot vacuum. Take the pressure off mom and put it on the new butler in the house: Mr. Robo Vacuum. If you’re going to get one of these GET IT NOW! They are on MEGA SALE leading up to the holidays. MEGA SALE. Like this one
  • Dyson V15. If the Robo Vacuum doesn’t work for your house, or maybe your cat would destroy it instead. Try this Dyson vacuum. Take it from me: it makes chores more enjoyable because of how satisfying it is to see it suck up all the dog hair, or how it gives you feedback on how much crap you’re sucking up just by how intense it is sucking, or not. It”s one of my fav things in the house
  • If all of the above is out of price range, then split the chores with mom, get this Chore Chart on Amazon to help you divide and conquer weekly! Bonus points if your kids are old enough to take on chores like feed the dogs or put their own laundry away!

  • This might sound cheesy but homemade gifts go a LONG WAY. Especially if it’s a gift that you can frame and display for years to come. Get crafty with those kids footprints or finger prints. Mom just might cry when she opens it up
  • But then there’s also a wide variety of cute little books that can be personalized FOR mom, from kids. Such as this one on Amazon. TBH, I got my husband the dad version of this one for Father’s Day. Hmmm, I wonder if I’ll get one in return now

Gifts that fill her belly

  • If mom drinks coffee, try this cute Mom Mug
  • If mom drinks wine, there’s a LOT of cute wine tumblers to choose from. This is my fav, and this is my second fav
  • Let’s go one step further if she drinks wine, don’t forget about this wine chiller that is cute and effective. WIN-WIN
  • If mom drinks water (or even if she doesn’t this will encourage her), get her one of the Stanley cups that are literally everywhere this year!
  • Naturally, Starbucks gift cards were on the list repeatedly, so go get mom some caffeine!
  • Or, get mom some caffeine at home, that is way way cheaper than the Starbucks. This at home cold brew coffee maker is easy to use, makes a few days worth of coffee, and SAVES MONEY. Lots of money
  • Go to her favorite local restaurant or food place and get her a gift card, and then give her time to actually use it! Maybe you attach a little “coupon” for one night out with the girls, so she can redeem the gift card while decompressing with the girls

Gifts that give her self-care

An extension of the first category, “gifts that relax her”, this category is typically things she can do at home, or for herself!

  • Let’s start with a gym membership – but only if she wants one.

Don’t go buying her a gym membership and having her think the wrong thing. But if she has been talking about going to the gym, or joining a group class, give it to her! That workout is time for her to take care of herself, because we all know she has been taking care of others for YEARS. It’s also a time for her to recenter herself after long days, or before long days, so she can show up for others with a refreshed state of mind

  • Good quality skincare goes a long way. Check out my favorite brand Drmtlgy that is affordable medical grade skincare (and they frequently run sales too!)
  • New books. If mom is a book worm, that is her time to escape from reality momentarily and let her mind wander. Nothing wrong with that! In fact it’s actually realllllly good for the brain. Ask her which books are on her wishlist, and then get them! Better yet, get her a Barnes and Noble, Kindle, or Amazon gift card

Unique Gifts but TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Someone said they want a generator for when the power goes out and others chimed in saying that they convinced their husbands to also get a generator thanks to the FB thread. freaking brilliant!

Other unique, but totally worth it gifts:

  • An overnight hotel stay alone to refresh and recoup.
  • Book of the month subscription
  • Podcasts subscriptions
  • New + comfy pillows
  • Food service subscriptions

What else did I miss?

From a mom,

I hope this list is helpful for you! Whether you are shopping for your wife, friend, sister, daughter, or yourself, I hope you found something here that you *must have*

Check out another list of mine! Holiday Gifting for New Parents (dads this includes you!)

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