Holiday Gifting Ideas for New Parents

Holiday Gifting for The New Parents

If you’re looking for gift ideas for first time parents, or parents to a brand new baby (again), look for items that will make THEIR lives easier and cozier. Trust me, that baby is well taken care of, it’s the parents that need some love.

All the Cozy Items

New parents are home, a lot! And if we’re talking holiday gifting, that means they’re also home and it’s cold out. Think about gifts that will make them even cozier in their home and never underestimate the power of a new, soft and plush blanket. Better yet? Get one more the parents and a matching one for baby!

Other cozy items to consider:

  • Slippers
  • Bath robe. This one has almost 40,000 reviews on Amazon. *adds to cart*
  • Towel warmer. Check out this one for under $150 on Amazon. Guaranteed to make shower time feel like a luxury
  • Lovey for the baby. Trust me, this will help the parents in the long run as that baby grows to use the Lovey as its safe space for tired times, sad times, or calming tantrums. We have 3 of these in our household

Food Delivery

This gift idea requires more physical labor than clicking add to cart. As new parents navigate the holiday season plus cold and flu season with a newborn at home, sometimes the best way to say “I love you and I’m here for you” is sending over food without the expectation of staying or even going inside.

Set up a door dash order, drop off coffee, make some freezer meals and leave them on their front step

Products To Make Those Sleepless Nights Easier

We’ve gotta care for the new parents just as much as they care for their little one. Sleepless nights, early mornings, and everything in between can add up to a rough few months – no matter how much that sweet babe is worth it. To combat all of those night wakings, clingy moments and so on, let’s think about how we can make things easier for the parents

  • A Stanley Cup: this might seem like just a trend but trust me, a water bottle that is easily transportable AND holds a lot of water is essential and appreciated.
  • Consider a neck pillow that can attach to the nursery glider / rocker for all those nights that they will inevitably fall asleep in the chair. Here are a few that I suggest: click here, or here
  • Baby Wrap for babywearing. These magic pieces of fabric can be game changing for active parents who need their hands to clean, cook, or take care of other kids while their baby demands to be held. My absolute favorite wrap brand is Boba, check them out here (worth the investment!) And check out this baby carrier for when the baby grows
  • Hatch Sound Machine. Take it from me as a parent who has spent many nights in the nursery. The Hatch is as soothing for US, the adults, as it is for the baby

And how about items to make the rest of newborn parent life EASIER.

  • This cold brew coffee maker, for those mornings after those sleepless nights. AND you save $ by not buying cold brew coffee in store.
  • I promise this is worth the splurge, and it is equally as satisfying as it is handy. This Dyson vacuum has been a game changer in our household. With two large dogs full of dog hair and kids that drop crumbs everywhere, this thing does the trick and its handy AND it has a long battery life. I can vacuum our whole first floor in 5 minutes. Plus, the green light on the front of it really shows you how much dirt is on the floor, making it that much more satisfying to suck it all up.

If you’re looking for something specifically for the Postpartum Mom

Give her the gift of saying YES to herself.

It is no secret that pregnancy takes a toll on the female body, with ab separation and pelvic floor weakness occurring. Give mom a chance to say yes to herself with an 8-week program that focuses on her core, her pelvic floor, and her overall strength. All she needs is 10-20 minutes per day, or one hour per week.

Give mom the 8-week online program, The Postpartum Method!

*when purchasing, you can put your email into the required field, but create the username as HER username. Give it to her now, or wait until the holidays, she will have access to it for as long as she needs!

Or give mom the gift of clean and clear skin! Trust me, as a busy mom, sometimes the act of a 3 minute skin care routine is enough to count as self-care bliss for the entire day. Check out the line Drmtlgy and take the skin quiz for best results!

Happy Shopping!

I would love to hear what gifts you get for the new parent in your life (or for yourself!). Email me at or find me on Instagram @lifeofcarlyb_ to share your favorite items! (i might just have a giveaway to enter you in 🙂 )

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