How Can a Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist Help YOU?

pre/postnatal fitness specialist


I’m Carly 🙂 I’m a pre/postnatal fitness specialist and I LOVE helping women – on all walks of life! But it doesn’t stop there, I’m a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, fitness studio manager, and I have 10+ years of experience in the field (including a college degree!) I’ve collected my years of knowledge and experience, plus my own personal experience going through pregnancy and the postpartum period to craft programs, courses, and customized plans for women. My best seller, The Postpartum Method, is an 8-week core and pelvic floor program that allows moms to say YES to themselves for less than $1 per day!

My experience as a pre/postnatal fitness specialist is my favorite chapter to date, here’s why

Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialists are here for….

Exercise tips and help for pregnancy

Prenatal fitness is sometimes a confusing ride. A prenatal fitness specialist (like me!) can help ease your mind on what you can do, exercises you can focus on, what’s normal and what’s not, and so much more!

Prescribing specific exercises for YOUR pregnancy

Every pregnancy is different, and every BODY is different. For a full, well-rounded, and thought out approach to you prenatal fitness, hire a specialist to guide you through customized workouts! (instead of just compiling what you see on Instagram)

Guiding you through workouts per trimester

Ahh every trimester comes with its own set of challenges and questions. It’s helpful to have someone in your corner to just send a quick text to ask a question. You know, easing your mind by just talking it out

Helping you to strengthen your core and pelvic floor before, during, and after pregnancy

Your deep core and your pelvic floor strength is SO important! These 2 muscle groups go through a lot due to pregnancy. The growing belly outward places pressure on the deep core, causing ab separation in 100% of women by the end of pregnancy. The new center of gravity + the increased amount of weight in the abdominal area places a lot of pressure downward on the pelvic floor. By prepping your core and pelvic floor in pregnancy you will not only experience a lesser degree of ab separation as well as less low back pain, you will also prepare yourself for an easier labor and also a better recovery period!

Being a reassuring voice for prenatal workouts

For some, prenatal workouts look just like their regular workouts. But for others, modifications are needed – frequently and early on. It’s important to have a professional be a second set of eyes on your workout routine to help guide you through

Helping you return to exercise safely postpartum

Those first 6 weeks postpartum can be confusing as you “wait for doctor’s clearance” but what happens when you feel good at 4 weeks postpartum and want to try a little workout? Are walks okay? These types of questions and concerns (and more!) are all things that postnatal fitness specialist can help you with

Helping to train your “mom muscles”

Once you start carrying a baby, changing diapers, doing household chores while holding a baby, etc. you realize that there are some muscles that you’ve always had that are just all of a sudden SORE and fatiguing from all of the reps put in simply from being a mom. A postnatal fitness specialist can help you train and stretch these muscles for relief!

A pre/postnatal fitness specialist who is qualified and certified can be a huge asset to your life! If you were thinking to yourself “ugh yes! I need help with this!” or “I didn’t even know this was an option” then let’s get in touch 🙂 I’m very passionate about women’s and maternal health and fitness.

I offer free fitness consults and affordable customized training and am accepting new clients for both right now!

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