How I Balance Being a Full-Time Working Mom, and a Side Entrepreneur

haha wait, did I just use the word balance because that surely isn’t the case here. Stay with me for a second. No, I don’t always have it balanced, but I have been working hard on managing my priorities. Meaning,

When I’m working, I’m working hard

And when I’m Mom-ing, I’m mom-ing hard

I don’t always get it perfect, as my full-time job (group fitness facility manager) is one where people can access me at all times. By text, by social media, by phone, by email. There are seasons in that job where phone calls just have to be answered, and in those seasons, I remove myself from whatever we are doing as a family to not blur the lines. But in most seasons, if I am home and it is past “Working Hours”, I’ll leave messages unread and send calls to voicemails.

But it’s hard because we live in an Instant Gratification World

And I haven’t even mentioned by side hustle yet, my virtual programming for prenatal and postnatal women. My true passion project. Ah yes, that. I work on that early in the morning (5AM) when I’m not up to workout, or sometimes I can squeeze both in during my morning time. And I’ll also work on it during lunch and in some seasons, at night.

I do it all because I truly love it all.

I haven’t tried to “quit my job and pursue my own business” yet because I genuinely love my full time job. Not to mention the fact that the people I work for are beautiful human beings and so understanding of LIFE… MOM life.

Because I’m so passionate about it all – my full time job, being a mom, side business – it can be tough to try and balance it all. It can be tough to prioritize and figure out where to place things on the to-do list for that day

Here are some tactics that have helped me “balance” it all….

  • Capitalize on the mornings. If you’re reading this and already dismissing the thought of getting up early, let me ask you why. Why do you have it engrained in your brain that you can’t do something before you even try. And if you “have tried”, let me go a little farther and ask… have you really? Let me suggest reading the book The Miracle Morning, in it’s entirety, and then come back to me and tell me you’re not a morning person.
  • Set Clear Expectations on Communication. I have set expectations to those who work for me as well as those who do my programs. The answer is this: text me whenever you need, and if I don’t respond back right away, you are not bugging me, I am simply just busy. I would rather respond when I’m in an appropriate place to give my full attention, than to respond with half energy. Setting this boundary has been wildly helpful for me and also helps me to feel less guilty for not responding right away
  • Leave the phone behind when I’m playing or having family time. Now, this one can be hard as there are often times when I want to record to take it all in. But if it’s something cute that my kid has done a million times already, I remind myself of that and I leave my phone. This helps me to be present with family and also shut off work

Nothing will ever be truly balanced, but if we are intentional about our time, our energy, and our focus, we can do good in all areas of our life… without burnout.


Your realistic working mom friend who absolutely does not have it figured out but has learned a few things along the way

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