Fitness For Moms

(and for you core and pelvic floor)

postnatal fitness

we’re taking postnatal fitness to a whole new level! For ONE TIME ONLY, we are offering a full 8-week program for maternal health and fitness. Not your MOTHER’s method is designed with YOU in mind, you busy and amazing mom you. We’re tackling all of your fitness, mental health, and nutritional needs… and then some!

It’s time to stop putting yourself in the backseat.

Are you looking for a one-stop shop for all of YOUR needs? Yes, I’m talking about YOU, mama. It’s time to stop putting yourself in the backseat and take advantage of this one-time exclusive offer! Mother’s Method gives you full access to my 8-week core and pelvic floor program PLUS access to six workshops from an Elite Panel of experts on maternal mental health, nutrition for moms, spiritual healing, pelvic floor therapy, PLUS tools you can use as a mom to help ease your mind on your children’s speech milestones.

That’s 8-weeks of packed content including 4 weekly workouts that are short and easy to fit into your busy routine (I’m not the one saying this, the happy mamas who have completed the program are the ones saying it!) All of this plus the workshops for less than $100.

Are YOU worth it? Yes you are, say yes to yourself today mama.

It is not every day that you will see a team of amazing women team up for something like this, and to help moms like YOU, there’s nothing better! We can’t wait to help you as we embark on an 8-week journey together.

Check out the value all of these women are bringing to the table!
All of the workshops listed above will be live, but also recorded for later viewing so you can give yourself time to really to soak in the information.

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