The pregnancy journey can be a whirlwind of questions, trust me, I’ve been there! Even as a fitness professional of 9 years when I got pregnant, I had loads of questions, and a lot of people had opinions.

So I did my research, listened to my body, as well as my years of experience, and I was able to exercise up until the day before I gave birth (the woman’s body is INCREDIBLE!)

And now, I get to share that knowledge with YOU through my Prenatal Fitness guide!

prenatal fitness program
prenatal fitness 4-week program

Prenatal Fitness Guide

4-weeks to a more knowledgable and strong mama

This guide is loaded full of content! From education on questions you likely have, to 4-weeks of workouts, to frequently asked questions. In this guide you’ll find….

  • 4 weeks of prenatal friendly strength focused workouts
  • Videos to accompany some workouts and specific exercises
  • How to set realistic expectations per trimester
  • Mobility and Stretching for the Pregnant body
  • How to navigate the ever-changing energy levels
  • Frequently asked questions

All of this plus weekly check ins with me, your coach!

Prenatal Fitness education to help you feel strong, empowered, and capable of achieving the pregnancy you’ve always envisioned!

confidence in exercise

prenatal fitness specialist

About Carly, Your Coach and Friend

Hey girl! I’m Carly Buehler, or as people like to call me; Carly B

I’m a boy mom to a crazy fun little toddler, and I love showcasing a realistic and balanced life of motherhood, work, family, friends and play!

I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 10 years and have a degree in exercise science plus certifications as a Certified Personal Trainer and a Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist. My love and passion has always been women’s strength (both mentally and physically!) and I love that I now get to expand that deeper and help MOM’s find their strength.

I started all of my offerings because the prenatal and postnatal journey can be a wild, confusing, and sometimes isolating time, and I no longer wanted women to feel like they didn’t have access to resources to help them!

All of my programs are offered at prices for women to say YES to! They are chalked full of more information than you could ever imagine and I am proud of that! I also pride myself on the fact that I treat you like a friend, not just a number on my screen. When you purchase my program, I’ll reach out to you so we can exchange numbers 🙂 From there, well get ready sis, because we will have check ins that will only add to your experience and leave you smiling!

Tag me on social media to share that you have downloaded the guide! @lifeofcarlyb_

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