Prenatal Fitness Journey: Not What You Expected?

Pregnancy can be a humbling time for many reasons, one of those reasons might be “not being able to meet your standards of exercise”. You had all these high hopes for your prenatal fitness routine only to find it lacking, or should I say, not meeting your expectations.

Sis, this is NORMAL and OKAY!! And if your prenatal fitness journey is not meeting your expectations it might be because…

You were led to believe that your fitness routine could look exactly how it did prior to getting pregnant. Maybe it was a friend of yours who had an easy pregnancy and worked out as normal the entire time, maybe it’s a pregnant girl at the gym who is a true beast, or maybe it’s social media and the ultra filtered life people post.

Let me say that again: maybe it’s social media and the ultra filtered life people post.

Girl, no one’s prenatal fitness journey is what they thought it would be. Not even mine. Most people just don’t openly share about it. Why? Because they want the gratification of “having a fit pregnancy”, they want to be looked at as a role model, and most likely: they don’t want to be seen as less-than, weak, or incapable.

Not being able to workout like you intended to during pregnancy does not make you less-than, weak, or incapable. Not at all.

prenatal fitness journey recommendations
  • women’s bodies blood volume increases 45-60% during pregnancy placing more stress on the heart.

So yeah, exercise can be more difficult

  • hormonal changes cause ligaments to soften and relax. The increased flexibility of the ligaments can lead to joint instability and some pain by association

this might require a change in exercise routine such as adding more stretching

  • as you grow, your body simply becomes more uncomfortable and more foreign to you. It’s as if each day you wake up to a new version of yourself. And while that is okay, it is also important to

listen to your body and what it’s demanding that day

So, where to start? Where should you put your focus? WHO SHOULD YOU LISTEN TO?!

As a prenatal + postnatal fitness specialist, a personal trainer, and as someone with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science + 10 years of experience (phew, how do i shorten my “about me”?!) here’s what I will say…

  1. focus on getting in tune with your body. This is a time to really listen to what it is telling you, and the practice you get with listening to your body now, will help you in future trimesters and especially postpartum
  2. start working on your core and pelvic floor strength. learn how to breathe properly, take some time to slow down and really connect with these muscles. (I have a guide on this!)
  3. When you can: do some movements, walking and stretching in addition to the core and pelvic floor work are all great ideas
  4. if you feel up to it: add some strength training in, but know that if you don’t have the energy to do so for the first 12-14 weeks of pregnancy as your body adapts to the rapidly changing hormones, that is OK! (and then refer back to point #1 and focus on getting in tune with your body)
exercises for pregnancy

You got that?
I repeat: do whatever makes you feel GOOD! And if you need help with this, email, subject line “prenatal fitness consult” and we can schedule an absolutely free 15 minute consultation. From one mama to another 🙂

Thanks for being here, see you next time

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