Prenatal Fitness Offerings

For the Pregnant Mama who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy and prepare for an easier labor + delivery!

Pregnancy is a truly transformative time in our lives. While our bodies undergo so much change, we simultaneously grow as individual. It wasn’t until recent years that people starting talking positively about the impacts of exercise during pregnancy, and all of the benefits that come from it.

Exercise has been proven to boost your mood, increase longevity, and give you better function in daily life. It makes sense that you want to continue to be active while pregnant! The benefits no longer benefit just you, but your baby as well!

I’ve created a variety of program for the pregnant woman who wants to exercise during pregnancy, but just might not know where to start.

My Programs help you navigate exercise during pregnancy with peace of mind

Prenatal Fitness Coaching

Launching with the Black Friday Week sales! A month-to-month program to coach you through and reassure you on your pregnancy fitness and postnatal fitness journey

Prenatal Fitness Workout Program

Great for those who are looking for education as well as a plan to follow! 4-weeks of workouts included

Deep Core Guide

Do you have a good fitness routine down but just want to focus on the basics of deep core work to protect your abs as you grow?

Are you looking for something more than this?

Let’s talk about 1-on-1 customized training! Schedule a fitness consult today

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