Prenatal Prep

Designed to help you prepare for a healthy and strong pregnancy

A 4-part online course designed for those who are wanting to be pregnant soon, are trying to conceive, or are currently pregnant!

Prenatal prep
Program Outline

What you actually get with Prenatal Prep

Take the guesswork out of preparation!

This 4-part educational video series will help you safely prepare your body for pregnancy! Learn what to focus on and why it’s all so important

Week 1

Introduction, Core and pelvic floor education, and Core and pelvic floor exercises

Week 2

Bonus exercises: Pilates Ball & Thera Band, Strength training education, Benefits of Strength Training, Exercise Examples

Week 3

Bonus: Strength contraindications, Endurance/ cardiovascular training education, Benefits of cardiovascular health, Exercise Examples

Week 4

Putting it all together, Brief tips: Hydration & Nutrition, Don’t forget to walk! Plus, a full workout example.


Who is it for

For women who want to prepare their body for a healthy & strong pregnancy

Women who know they will start trying for children within the next 6-18 months
Women who are actively trying to conceive
Women who are pregnant, but unsure how to care for their body from a fitness perspective

Topics Covered

Here is a breakdown of the topics we cover in Prenatal Prep

Strength training before & during pregnancy education
Sample strength exercises
The importance of cardiovascular training
Core & Pelvic Floor education and exercises
Learn about the 360 breath and proper breathing
Nutrition tidbits
pre/postnatal fitness specialist
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