Red Flags to Look For When Choosing Fitness Advice

spoiler alert: not all fitness advice is created equal

and because it’s not all created equal, I want to help you out by sharing some fitness red flags.

Hey friend 🙂 I’m Carly B, a full-time working mom, part-time solo entrepreneur, and a mom to a wonderful (and wonderfully wild) little boy. I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 10 years now, I’m a certified Personal Trainer, Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist, and I work full-time managing a local boutique fitness facility.

I’ve been sharing fitness advice for years now, I love educating others on how to realistically choose an exercise routine for themselves, how to prevent low back pain during exercise, how to stay consistent and so much more.

But I also, do I dare say, enjoy, calling out fitness advice that is absolutely insane, wrong, unrealistic. It makes me sad that such naive fitness advice can circle the web in the first place, but then I realize that it is my duty as an educated fitness professional to spread true and proper advice.

Sometimes, you’ll find some “Hot Takes” on my Instagram account. But mostly, you’ll find me sharing realistic fitness advice and also some real transparency into my fitness journey as a working mom.

We need to be real about fitness and not fall victim to the superficial marketing efforts that consume our feeds

I’ve had many years to come up with some major red flags that I see in the fitness industry, and here are my top one, let’s start with…

Red Flags: phrases trainers use

  • “Lose Weight Fast”
  • “Fat Loss Expert”
  • “What I Eat in a Day”
  • “Bounce Back After Baby”
  • “____ (fill in the blank) After Baby”
  • “X days to a flat stomach”
  • “Lose Weight ___ (insert specific body part)”

In college I remember taking a class that had a good portion of the curriculum focused on marketing (it was a fitness class) where we learned all about the sneaky words used by marketers, the blanket statements, or the ploys used to tap into people’s emotions. There are positive ways to use these tactics, but rarely are they used like that. All of the statements above aim to cut straight to people’s insecurities, and when people think they’ve found a solution to their deepest insecurity, they’ll pay for it no matter the cost (usually).

Not only is this super unhealthy, but it’s also sad. Because I know there are ways to help people overcome their insecurities, but it never includes kicking them when they’re already down. Instead, I choose to use language of empowerment, educating people on why a certain exercise format can benefit you. WHY you’re working the muscles you are and WHY it’s applicable to this stage in your life.

I choose to be the empowerment coach

Now, there are more Red Flags that are potentially more dangerous, because they come from how someone presents themselves, their lifestyle, and their routine. These Red Flags aren’t so blatant because the influencer makes it look like a totally realistic solution, when it’s actually really unhealthy

  • Someone who works out intensely 6-7 days per week
  • A trainer who only does cardio
  • Someone who only does HIIT, or only sells HIIT programs
  • Any trainer or coach who flaunts their super easy return to exercise Postpartum
  • Someone who only sells challenges, and not programs or doesn’t promote products that educate
  • An influencer who shares their specific meal plan as if it’s made for everyone

I could go on, but the truth is

If you’re consuming advice from someone who makes you feel less worthy or like a failure

Then you need to re-evaluate why you follow them, or why you pay them to be your source of advice.

If all of this resonated with you and had you nodding your head or thinking “oh my gosh, she’s right!” then I’d love nothing more than to get connected with you!

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I’ve always been a coach on a mission to educating women on their POWER. Both inside the gym and out.

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