Mother’s Method gives you full access to my 8-week core and pelvic floor program PLUS access to six workshops from an Elite Panel of experts on maternal mental health, nutrition for moms, spiritual healing, pelvic floor therapy, PLUS tools you can use as a mom to help ease your mind on your children’s speech milestones.

That’s 8-weeks of packed content included 4 weekly workouts that are short and easy to fit in to your busy routine (I’m not the one saying this, the happy mama’s who have completed the program are the one’s saying it!) All of this plus the workshops for less than $100.

Sign up today.

When you enroll you get immediate access to the 8-week core and pelvic floor program using my membership portal. You can start scrolling through it now if you’d like. The full program begins on September 6! Meaning, you can look through the fitness part of the program now, then by September 6 you will be invited to join our private FB group where we will officially embark on 8-weeks together! The FB group is where we will host the weekly workshops and do our weekly check ins!

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