Saving Money on Groceries: What I’m Doing (trying to do)

When and WHY did it become so expensive to… feed ourselves?!

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I thought our grocery bill was climbing and climbing because we no longer had a baby to feed, but a hungry toddler. But then I took some time to really look at the prices of the items I was buying, you know, the regular items that just make their way into my cart, and was all “does it always cost that much?!”

Saving Money on Groceries: here’s what I’ve been doing over the past 3-4 weeks…

  • I’ve been trying to be more intentional about the groceries I’m getting
  • I’ve been trying to be more mindful of where I’m buying them from
  • I am even meal planning in my head before I go to the store!

And do I dare say… I’m making lists now (and remembering to bring them with!)

And in just a few weeks comparison, I THINK it is making a difference. Now, I don’t yet have before and after numbers to prove that I’m actually spending less overall, but I really think that I am!

A little back story…

When I first started this… effort, to spend less at the grocery store, I took to Instagram to get some numbers for comparison.

I thought that the $250 I spent a week for a family of 3 was pretty expensive, only to learn that some others spend $300-400 per WEEK, also for a family of 3. Quickly after that I was humbled to learn that others spend $150-$170 for a family of 3. HOW?!

It then became my goal to get under to $200 mark for groceries per week.

We pretty much only eat out 1-2 meals per week, otherwise it’s all cooked at home.

So once I got an understanding of some numbers for me to shoot for, I started putting more effort into grocery shopping. No more online orders because they make it WAY too easy to just “add to cart” and I learned that certain stores have better deals on certain items.

The first week I really tried to save money, I went to THREE stores.

3 stores. All with my toddler in tow. It was honestly pretty enjoyable. I ended that day still spending $250 BUT it was that one grocery trip per month that you load up on household items. You know? Toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, dish soap, hand soap, feminine items, boxed wine. You know how that all adds up, so I call this trip a wash. Okay, actually in my head, it’s still a success at savings.

Here’s what I’m doing to try to save money on groceries

(thanks to YOU, my friends and followers on Instagram for helping me clear my head and gather an idea list)

  • Shopping at multiple stores, including the “savings” stores
  • Opting for store brand vs. big name brand when I can
  • Utilizing at-home methods more (such as brewing at home iced coffee)
  • Beginning to buy in bulk (but I still need a Costco membership)
  • Seeking out sales
  • Searching on Amazon first for bulk items (such as protein bars)

Honestly though, the biggest factor in reducing my cost on groceries has been shopping at multiple stores. Typically, I’ll go to Aldi first, where I spend (pretty much without hesitation, every time) around $50 for items such as fruit, hummus and cheese, frozen fruit and veggies, nuts, and sometimes meat.

After that, I’ll go to Trader Joes, which I have to admit, I never went to before this. ever. But goodness! Did you know they have SOME DEALS?! Like on eggs. and meat. and milk. and just wow. I checked out here at about $108 the first time, putting me just shy of $160.

And I would have stayed under my $200 total goal after my third stop if it weren’t for the household items, but alas, I did spend more. My third store is usually Harris Teeter, a local / southern store that I know like the back of my hand now. Here I’ll get the name brand stuff that we just ENJOY. Certain yogurts, our sons milk, and Annie’s products because my husband works for them haha (job security!)

My plan of action now is to actually keep track of how much I’m spending weekly and monthly

And then come back here and round it all up for you all! If I’m successful at this (with continued tips from y’all on IG, please) then I’ll share the hacks to getting that grocery bill down so we can spend more money on things for ourselves, our family, our health, or for fun!

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