The #1 Secret to Fitness Success

hint: the answer might not be what you’re expecting

Unpopular opinion: the secret to fitness success starts with your deep core.

But why?

When your deep core is strong, so are the rest of your lifts. Strength in your deep core spills over to proper movement patterns, a stronger back, and better daily function. When all of those factors are in place, you are at less risk of injury, and therefore less risk of taking time off from the gym

In order to get closer to the fitness goals you desire, you have to be able to work toward them in the first place. Being injured or neglecting certain types of exercises only hinders your goals, because at that point you are not working a well-rounded fitness routine.

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DEEP Core Strength = Stability

But what is the deep core?

Our abdominal muscles are made up of 3 parts: the rectus abdominis (the muscles you can visibly see), the obliques (side of the abs) and the transverse abdominis (deep core). Often times… no, the majority of time, we only work our rectus abdominis. This superficial layer of abs is the easiest to target and also the most desired. Everyone “desires 6 pack abs” and that’s why you’ll commonly see fitness influencers and coaches doing all of these crazy ab exercises promising you a 6-pack in X days.

But stability, function, the CORE of it all… it all starts deeper than that.

Sure, 6-pack abs might look cool, but they don’t provide all of the stability that your body needs as it moves through daily life, goes through workouts, and as it ages.

Exercise to try: deadbug

DEEP core strength = better daily function

And better movement in every day life means lower risk of throwing your back out when carrying groceries in, or hurting your hip flexor when kicking a soccer ball with your kid.

It’s often that we use the phrase “it’s just because I’m old”, but being old isn’t a disease and it certainly isn’t an excuse for taking care of yourself. You might be in pain because you are not properly stabilized. Your back might be tight because you sit during so much of your day, unsupported and with poor posture.

Your deep core can help with that

Exercise to try: table top elevation

DEEP core strength = low back health

The deep core muscles wrap around and support your body like a corset. Your CORE, in it’s entirety, it more than your abs. It also includes your back muscles. It is important to equally stabilize all parts of your core: the front and the back. Many deep core exercises such as the birddog also work to stabilize your entire core, alllll the way around to your back.

When our core is weak, other muscles must compensate to help stabilize. This is why we throw our backs out so easily. To prevent low back pain, make sure your core is strong to stabilize your entire “corset” as you move and function 🙂

Exercise to try: the birddog

And for the ladies reading this, deep core strength DOES = pelvic floor strength

When pressure is managed correctly from your deep core, it manages pressure correctly down into your pelvic floor. On the flip side, when pressure is managed incorrectly because your abs are not strong enough to contract correctly, it places pressure down into your pelvic floor, leading to weakness and potentially other issues such as leaking

Exercise to try: thera band pulls with marches

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