The Bump Set Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness Coaching

Direct and personalized fitness coaching for your pregnancy and your first year postpartum.

“It’s been two months and I’m definitely feeling my core come back into connection. I feel like my mind body connection is coming back sooner than it did after the first baby. I know it is because of the movements and consistency in your program!” -Dakota H.

The Brand NEW Coaching Program.

I am so so excited to offer women everywhere a direct coaching experience for their pregnancy and their first year postpartum. Through this coaching program, women will have a direct point of contact for all of their prenatal fitness questions as well as guidance through their first year postpartum. 

  • Can I still exercise?
  • How much exercise is too much?
  • When do I need to start modifying?
  • Hmm, why does my body feel like this?
  • What are the best muscle groups to focus on?
  • Should I train differently each trimester?
  • Can I do anything different to prepare for labor?
  • What should I be doing immediately after birth?
  • When is walking okay?
  • Do I really have to wait for the 6-week clearance?
  • Why do my abs still feel weak?
  • Is it normal to leak / pee?
  • When should I resume full activity?

With this coaching experience, I offer direct answers to those questions and more using my years of experience as not only a fitness professional with a degree in the field, but also as a prenatal/postnatal fitness specialist and a mom myself.

The Bump how it works
  • Phase 1: Drop into my Prenatal Fitness 4-week program to learn the foundations and get a feel for my programming style.
  • Phase 2: Customized online programming. Go through 1-4 cycles of customized fitness programs with workout written for YOU and where you are in your pregnancy.
  • Phase 3: Labor Prep. Shift focus to exercises for labor. Receive my Labor Prep guide + 1 customized workout per week.
  • Phase 4: Early postpartum coaching. Unlimited text access for questions. Focus is on the healing and reconnecting the breath.
  • Phase 5: Drop into my 8-week postpartum core and pelvic floor fitness program to learn basic exercises and be part of a community.
  • Phase 6: Strength training for the postpartum body. Regain strength, build back endurance. Working on the Mom Muscles. “A building phase. 12 week workout program.”
  • Phase 7: Time to open up and add in a larger variety. The focus is on doing what feels good, educating you on how to do it yourself. Workout quantity tapers, coach check ins remain.
  • $64.99 per month.
  • 3 month commitment required
  • Please give 14 days notice to cancel
  • Consultation included with first payment
  • Weekly check ins are included once training begins
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