Toddler Mom Must Haves: My Top 2 Items

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If I’ve learned anything about being a toddler mom is that being efficient + multitasking are necessities and something you must master if you intend to go even a day without cracking open a bottle of wine to *calm down*

look, I don’t like priding myself off of being an expert multitasker but when you’ve got a hot dish to get out of the oven and a toddler who is at your leg begging for the food to be done NOW, multi-tasking has to happen. These 2 items save my sanity when I’m in the kitchen with my toddler + it has encouraged him to eat a wider variety of foods simply because he feels more in control of his meal time ⭐️

Hot item # 1: Learning Tower

#1 in my top 2 fav items as a toddler mom is THE Learning Tower. It took me -way too long- to cave and get one of these. Partially because we quite literally did not have room for it at our old house and partially because I was like do I really *need it*.
Yes, yes I do.

toddler mom must haves

I asked for recommendations on Instagram and got many recommendations but none that were mentioned more than one time. Leading me to believe that there isn’t one *standard* for learning towers like there might be for strollers, or car seats for example. So I did what any realistic mom might do in this situation, I turned to Amazon.

I found this one for under $100 (many of the recommendations were more than that) and it came with decent reviews.

*add to cart*
(but really, click here to add to cart)

Here’s how this learning tower has made my life easier so far in one short week:

  1. My toddler now understands where we prefer him to eat
  2. He enjoys the independence of getting in it on his own
  3. He is now at eye level with us AND can reach the table (could not in his high chair) so he clearly feels more included in meal time and therefore eats SO much better
  4. Washing hands is so much easier, I no longer feel like I’m going to break my arm or give him a hernia holding him at the sink’s edge
  5. Get this: I took a FULL shower – hair wash + leg shave – while he played independently in this tower at the bathroom sink 🤯

Hot item #2: Grape Cutter

And number 2 on my current list of MUST HAVE items: the grape cutter. Seriously though, I was that mom who was *afraid* to offer my kid grapes because of how much of a choking hazard they are. But he started to show increasing interest in them, so I cut one up into fourths and he LOVED it. So what did I have to do then? Cut up grapes – these round, slippery balls of choke-able fruit – into fourths. By hand. Friend, have you done that? it takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R.

This thing is SO cool. You should’ve seen the excitement on my face when I *waited to show cut my kids grapes up* until my husband was done with work so he could see how cool + satisfying it is. hahaha

I kid you not when I say that I can now cut up 6 grapes in the time it took me to cut up ONE. Maybe even 8 grapes.

Next on my to-do list with this? Teach my toddler how to use this in, you guessed it, his learning tower.

Is this what they call montessori learning?!
ps: it’s under $15. click here

Isn’t that just neat? A few simple items and my life feels it is operating so much more smoothly. At least for now, who knows what next week will bring 😉

Some of my other fav items: honorable mentions:

  1. Lovevery toys, always a favorite
  2. This play tent for $60 on Amazon (so far it’s great for reiterating independent play and teaching “reading time”…. for like 60 seconds, but hey it’s cute)
  3. Sandra Boynton books. Get. All. Of. Them. But our current favs are listed here

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