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The Postpartum Method

8-week core and pelvic floor fitness program

For moms looking to regain strength, stop leaking, and feel confident in their movement again after giving birth

Why women love it:

  • It’s a soft place to land for early postpartum workouts
  • With short videos and workouts, you can fit it in practically anywhere, any time!
  • Support from the group, but more importantly individual support helps to answer questions and keep women on track
  • Lifetime access to the content
  • Super affordable to fit into any new mom budget!

The 30-Day Commit Challenge

a HABIT building fitness + nutrition challenge

For women looking to finally commit to themselves and build habits that YES, can last long term for their fitness and nutrition goals

Why women love it:

  • 4X weekly workouts, the perfect amount!
  • Weekly meal plans WITH recipes and grocery lists make healthy eating easy
  • Weekly nutrition challenges that focus on adding to current habit, not removing
  • Daily check in requirements lead to *actual* habit building
  • Challenge trackers and calendars, love it!

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