Unlock Motivation: What to do when you don’t feel like working out

Here’s what I do when I’m about to start a workout that I’m not really motivated to do…

This happens, and it is normal and common! We don’t always have that natural excitement or innate ability to LOVE exercise. Especially now in the colder and darker months. 

But this is also when it matters most – committing to the workout we set out to do, starting it, and completing it – that does a lot for us mentally and helps us out the next time we’re in the same “I really don’t want to workout” phase.

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Here is a little trick you can try, and it works for me every time.

sounds simple, might sound stupid, but here’s why it works.
We as humans are pretty good with deadlines, when our back is up against the wall, we will finish. So by giving ourselves a timeline, a deadline for an “out” we are more likely to start in the first place. And even more likely to keep going because we know that there is a possible end in place… soon, where we can say “hm well at least I tried”.

But here’s the key 🔑 ….
if you REALLY try, those 5 minutes will serve as the starting point for your workout instead of the end! By getting the blood flowing and the heart pumping, your body becomes prepared to continue a workout and your brain gets immediate feedback from those early-exercise endorphins. Now you want to keep going

Try this at the start of your next workout:

  1. Start a timer, or just start your exercise watch
  2. Give yourself 5 minutes to try to exercise, and get started
  3. Go all in for those 5 minutes! This only works if you are actually exercising, not passively “warming up” while scrolling your phone 

You’ll be amazed and surprised by how quickly those 5 minutes turn into a full 30 minute workout. All because you committed to trying, to getting the juices flowing, and your feedback loop within your body chose to keep going.

So, are you going to try? Let me know if you do!

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